Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something I'm learning to get over

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Yep, motherhood has been a good opportunity for me to let go of some things. What kind of things, you ask? Well, lets start with playdough. *Playdough comes in many different colors, kept separate by individual cans. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when an adult plays with playdough, I'm pretty sure we like to keep it from mixing. This makes it much easier to determine which can it goes back into when one is done playing.

Looooong gone are the days when the playdough will remain true to its original color. Blobs of pink, blue, purple, yellow and green are no longer! Now it's pinellow, bleen, grurple or a mixture of all of the above. Just the way a 2 year old likes it. So yes, I'm learning to get over the fact that playdough is BETTER when it's multi-colored. It's definitely more fun to look at, even if it does stretch my anal-retentive mind (or is it obsessive-compulsive?). I guess I'll look at the bright side...we no longer need multiple cans to store it!

*I think someone could make BIG money by marketing playdough that is already mixed, made especially for obsessive-compulsive parents like me. Hmmm, I think I'll write to Hasbro right now.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny, Krysta. You are not the only one who has issues with mixed playdough colors!! I have often said that that is what preschool is for: finger painting, playdough, sand, and all the other messy activities. But let me tell you - homeschooling has become one big lesson in "getting over it" for me! I do still insist that everything gets put back in its rightful place (mixed playdough not withstanding) - dollhouse pieces, lego, tinkertoys, etc. all have to go back in their own bins. Some things we may never get over :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I completely understand. It drives me crazy when they mix! Glad to hear you are learning to get over it- I'm not sure I ever will. They are still in their rightful color bins in my class. :) Pathetic but true.
Can't wait to meet little Jia! She is so cute! We miss you around here.

Anonymous said...

welcome home Krista, I can't wait to meet your little "Dynamo", I still remember the first time I got to use that title for Alicia!! I hope you are enjoying every precious moment and that you are as happy as we were then and still are now!! And just a small hint, play dough is the least of your problems, I once had my darling pour a whole bottle of baby powder down the heater vents , I was only gone long enough to wash my hands and face and yet.........she was able to do the whole bottle, well, I guess you know that after 2 vaccums and many weeks of dusting I got rid of ALL the powder in the house, because above all, there was no place that Alicia could not reach!!! So you see, that is why I had to go on medicine for my OCD and that is why we have 2 safes that lock!!! Do they grow out of it, ..........no, they just move on to bigger and better things! Call me if you get a chance, I would love to keep in touch!! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Playdough... yes I know it well. The best thing is when you are picking it out of your carpet. Thats when the fun really starts. I love PLAYDOUGH!! I am so happy to see how well she is doing, and I can't wait to see you all. I love you!!

Love your sis,

Brad said...


I thought those colors were so pretty. Maybe Gia will be a future artist. We usually end up with some sort of camo looking green black color around here. Have you noticed yet that you always seem to end up with way less playdough then you started with? I never know where it goes!

Heather Kelly

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Not sure if you received my emails, they keep saying delayed.....probably a full box?!? You sure make us laugh! Probably because we can relate!!!! I keep wanting to call but know you are BUSY BUSY BUSY! If ever you need ANYTHING just know I am only a phone call away! Even if it is just some peace to take a shower alone and not rushed. Thank you for keeping up with the blog, we just love to see how you are all doing. God Bless