Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ice cream....the cure all!

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Ice cream
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It's hard to tell by the photos that Jia had her first visit with the pediatrician today--and she cried the ENTIRE time! Nothing that a little ice cream can't take care of, though. I'm pretty sure she liked it.

She had an ear infection and some hardened wax built up in her ears that was dug out by a tool that looked more like a long toothpick minus the pointy end. Not something a mom or dad feels good about being crammed into their screaming daughter's ear! OK, cram is an exaggeration, but it still looked terrible! The Dr. was a pro, though, and got out the "gunk" (sorry if you're eating while reading this). Typical stuff for kids who have been in orphanages. She also is "long and lean", as the Dr. put it at 25 lbs. and 36" tall. Dr. B said to give her whole milk because she doesn't need to worry about her weight right now! Lucky girl. Developmentally she is just where she should be, and the Dr. was quite pleased with that. Now if we could just get her to speak English!

On another note, Jia has been off and on as far as liking her Mom. :( The last few days have been challenging because she hasn't wanted to have much to do with me. I am trying to be patient because I know she is still adjusting to life with us, but I won't say it isn't difficult. Today seemed better, but tomorrow may be another story! Jason goes back to work next Tuesday so it will be just Jia and I at home. A friend recommended I take Jia to do something fun, just the two of us, and do it often. That way she will associate that fun event with Mommy. This is important during the attachment stage. She loves riding in the bike carrier, and going on walks in her stroller. I think I might take her to visit the animals at Hovander. Any other suggestions (outside of the house) would be greatly appreciated, as I've never had to entertain a 2 year old on a regular basis! Overall, we are all doing great and we are really starting to feel like we're getting the hang of this parenting thing, not that we're good at it! Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. Oh, and feel free to give us a call whenever. We'd love to hear from you. :)


Lineberry said...

Ice cream can help lots of things!

We're still trying to get over jet-lag. Josie thinks 12am-3am is the perfect time to play!

I feel like we're still in survival mode.

Anonymous said...

hi Krysta and Jia!! I was just reading about the trip to the Doctors and the Ice Cream and it occurred to me that it is going to be hard for Jia to bond with a female when the most important person in her life before was a man...........however, I too had issues with Alicia and one of the things she loved to do was to go to the mall and play in the play area with the other kids........and of course the trips to the Library were awesome, I know you have a lot of books already but going to the Library and sitting with her on your lap and reading can be an outing all in itself. All you really need to do is find ONE thing that Jia only does with MOMMY so every time it comes up she is excited to go and knows that it will ONLY be the two of you!! Don't fret, as soon as the I NEED MY MOMMY STAGE KICKS will be happy for the Daddy and Jia time!!! I am crazy about you and Jia, you are on an amazing adventure, enjoy!!
I don't have a phone number but would LOVE to keep in touch with you...........also the email I sent again came back........Take care..........Love Lisa Wakley

Anonymous said...

I feel like a bit of a voyeur. I check your blog often without posting. I just love to see the new pictures of your family.