Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy One Month Anniversary, Jia!

It's hard to believe that it's been one month that you came into our lives and changed us forever--for the better. In some ways we feel like we've known you your whole life, and in others we learn new things about you each and every day. Your smile has melted out hearts since the day we first layed eyes on you (March 5, 2007). Because you were so scared when we first became a family, we weren't sure how long it would be before we got to see your little eyes disappear behind that big beautiful smile. Now, however, you smile readily (except when Mommy has the camera out!), and giggle and laugh all the time!

You are so brave, Jia. You have amazed us over and over again at how brave you are. It takes a special kind of person to leave everything they've known to travel to a whole new world, with new people, new smells, new sounds, and to handle it with such courage. We can tell you are still trying to take it all in, because often in a new situation you will hide behind Mommy, or you will reach out for Daddy to hold you. We don't blame you. Maybe we've pushed you too fast, but no matter what, you just go with flow. You extend us such grace. We know you were meant to be our daughter; God had it planned before you were born. Even though we missed out on the first two years of your precious life, we feel we are making up for it by leaps and bounds with the joy and energy you've brought into our home. You are so silly! You crinkle up that little button nose of yours at the funniest times! We've even had people wonder if you were disgusted with them, or if that was actually a "happy crinkle"! (You have Grandma Sandy guessing, that's for sure!)

We call you the "spazmanian devil" and our little "kamakazi girl" because you run around the house and bounce off all the walls and furniture without blinking an eye. You barrell down steps with no concern of taking more than one at a time. You seem to have no fear! We're just sure you're going to need stitches before you're 3. You came close to it last night after falling head first into the cabinet corner! Just a big goose egg is all that you got for that one. Don't worry, though, as we're sure there will be more opportunities!

You are so quick to learn new things. You have been able to put your alphabet puzzle together for 2 weeks now. You just pick up a letter and put it right where it goes. You know the following signs: please, more, all done, all gone, water, cup, ball, share (that's a new one I taught you that surprised Daddy!), bowl, book, table. You don't sign them all readily but if we show you, you know what we mean. We've also learned some of your Chinese (your 2 year old jibberish Chinese, that is) and we know when you want to know what something is, when you want a drink, and when you have to go to the bathroom (we learned that one REALLY quick!). You also use many many hand gestures, pulling us around by the hand, and body language to communicate with us. We're not quite as quick as you are, but you are very patient with us! You always want to hear us say words to you over and over again, and you repeat them each and every time. When you want to know what something is, we'll ask YOU "What is it?" and you will tell us. (Sometimes we think you're just testing us to see if we really know English.) You also buckle yourself in your booster seat at the table, and your chest buckle in the car. There really isn't much need for Mommy or Daddy except you need food on the table and someone to drive you around.

You love to organize things. You will lay things out in a line, or group things together when you're playing. Grandma Mary thinks you'll be an engineer, but I'm pretty sure those are signs of a brain surgeon in the making.

You like animals. You love to pet the kitties now, and visiting the neighbor horses. These are almost daily rituals. You are gentle and kind to them. We can tell you have a gentle heart and soul.

You make funny faces. Whether it's the crinkled nose, your monkey face, or the one-eyed pirate look, you always have us laughing at your silly faces! You also like to pretend you're asleep, and then you laugh because you can't keep a straight face!

You're helpful. You will carry silverware, plates, napkins and cups to the table. You also like to help with dishes. Honest! You put your toys away when asked and you generally take 2 year old pride in the things you do. Sometimes you even get embarrassed!

You are a gift. You have brought us more joy than we thought possible, and our love for you is overflowing. God has created you and fit you into our family. For that reason we celebrate you, and the day you came to join our family. We hope you will feel as blessed one day as we do right now, and we hope you will some day consider adoption to extend your family, as it is the most incredible thing we've ever been a part of. After all, it brought us to you!

We love you, Fei Fei!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Krista, Jason, and Jia!!
How exciting for all three of you to have the joy of celebrating your 1 month anniversary with so much joy and laughter and love!! I hope your next month is just as wonderful and that you keep experiencing all the wonder that having a child can bring you.........hugs.....Lisa Wakley and family.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute blessing to finally meet with you and Jia (next time, you, too, Jason:) Jia is precious. That's the word that comes to mind. She IS funny, what a character! So full of life and wonder. She has indeed been placed with the Lord's perfect parents for her wonderful life. I am thankful that she could blow kisses to her 2 Aunties and we sure look forward to more coffee klatches. You're right, Krysta, it's never too early to acquire the taste for coffee (or Odwalla, whatever....) Love you guys, susi

Lineberry said...

Oh, dear. I just have tears in my eyes. Oh....

What a wonderful family. I'm so happy for all of you!

Jason said...

You guys are such a beautiful family. Jia is a doll and you guys seem to be handling it so well. We can't even begin to imagine being thrown into the world of a 2 year old - Bjorn is such a handful at only 3 months!!! Blessings to you all, feel free to call us if you need anything (meals, yard help, etc.) We are so happy for you and look forward to getting to know you more.

Jason, Alli and Bjorn

My Heart Beats In China said...

Happy one month anniversey little sweetie!

She's simply precious.

Our daughter is a Hunan baby too. Now we all have a lot of spice in our lives!