Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photo album

I want to thank Mary for reminding me to include the link for our photo album. I don't upload every picture because it takes so long, but all of the photos that I've used on the blog are there. It is

Mom, you were right about Jia not needing her bear as much. She wouldn't let it or her blanket out of sight for the first 4 days but now she is much more comfortable without them. They were actually part of a care package we sent to her (Great Wall sent it for us from Beijing) and apparently she became very attached to them.

She woke up early (4:45) this morning and has been itching like mad! The scabies make them itch terribly, even up to 4 weeks after they are dead. Poor thing. It is amazing how much a parent's heart aches for their child when they are not feeling well. She has finally fallen back to sleep so I must go catch a few winks before she is up again. Today we get to tour the Chen Family Temple. I'll post more photos tonight :)

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Anonymous said...

Jason and Krysta,

It is getting closer! How is little Jia doing? I read about scabies and feel so bad for her. hard enough to go through the transition but to have to suffer with that horrible itching, poor thing! Did the doctors help with that? Everything else good with her? The photos mean so much to all of us at home. I love the photo of Jia in front of the airport window...she is so pretty! Hard to believe all that waiting has finally come to such a wonderful miraculous joining of a forever family! I am just so amazed by God's love and timing and thank the Lord for his goodness. Praying for health and safety for the three of you. Praying that little Jia is comforted during her itchy times. Do you have any benedryl or anti histamines? or hyrdro cortizone cream? I can not imagine to not be near a phone to call a doctor for any questions, we are so blessed here in America!!!
Love, Denise