Friday, May 25, 2007

Jet-lag is a B-U-M-M-E-R!

I'm pretty sure Jia's photo speaks for all of us...we're in a daze. Jet-lag is every bit as hard as I've heard, and then some. Throw in a little sinusitis and you've got a rip-roarin' good time. Jia and I are both stuffed up, and I've been downing the Sudafed while she is hopped up on children's Triaminic. I finally wised up and bought the "strips" that melt on the tongue instead of some awful pill or liquid that dribbles down her chin because she's gagging too much to swallow it.

Let's just say our first day at home was plain hard on us all! However, it was made sweeter by the lawn being mowed (thanks, Jim Carol!), groceries in the fridge (thanks, Lindsay & Laurie!) and flowers to boot from Grandma & Grandpa. Jia likes her room, and seems to be very comfortable here, but she doesn't care to venture outside much, nor does she like the cats.

Well, you be the judge...

She's also not too keen on visitors right now. She basically tried to shut the door on our neighbor, who graciously took care of our kitties while we were gone. I'm pretty sure that's not on the top 10 list of How to Win Friends and Influence People. She also cried when Grandma & Grandpa A. came over to see her in all her cuteness. That'll have to wait for another day! She hid in her room after about 30 sec. of introductions. Luckily we prepared G & G because we'd already had the "door-shut-in-the-face" episode and knew what to expect. I'm pretty sure they still love her anyway. :)

We've got a live wire, I tell you! When the orphanage said she was active, they weren't kidding. She is not one to sit still. I think I'll write a weight-loss book: "Want to lose weight? Adopt a 2 year old." I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my hands full with this little dynamo. Once we get cable internet (I'm calling today-dial up won't do when I have a gazillion photos to upload!) I will try and upload a video clip of her since we may not be up for visits for awhile. She is hilarious! We are constantly laughing at her silly antics and she seems to be coming up with some new ways of making us fall in love with her even more. She is really catching on to the sign language and also picking up a few English words too. I'm pretty sure she'll be ready to start Kindergarten next year. (That's a joke, in case you thought I was one of those "my child is a genius" mothers-even if she IS a genius I don't want to push her. :)


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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home :) :)

Steve, Colleen & Stephanie

Anonymous said...

So glad you're home! Jet memories of it are still soooooo is a bear. You are so wise of you to keep Jia a bit insulated from all us well wishers that can't wait to see her! She's got major adjustment #2 underway with dastardly jet lag just to sweeten the deal! Like you said in one of your last posts... "(You're) in no hurry"...that's a great motto for the next month! Welcome home! Amanda & the Ferndale gang

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear you made it home safe! Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us (me!). I feel like I know you so much more now! Your family is so well loved and supported, it's been a joy to read comments from family and friends. Hang in there! Can't wait to meet Jia some's true, she really is gorgeous!
Amy Clements

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you-sorry about the tough day. I love your description of her closing the door... That is really funny. Never have to guess how she feels about things.
You have been great keeping all of us updated with current pictures we are all head over heels in love with her.
It is so good to hear your humor coming out in what we all know to be some REALLY CHALLENGING days. You two are amazing. Mary

Sharon said...

Hey, she takes after her Auntie Sharon! I knew I was going to like that girl! Welcome home - so glad you're back, safe and sound and "three!" Thanks for the wonderful experience you've given all of us. (Don't expect the jet lag to be gone right away - it's usually three days for me.) Looking forward to the time I get to meet Jia - maybe she'd like to come to Anthony's with us. :D


Anonymous said...

Yikes! She certainly doesn't like those cats yet!!!

WELCOME HOME! I can't wait until you're ready for visitors! Hey, when you two are ready for a bike ride, call me up!


Anonymous said...

Howdy to the Hess's
The pics are great as usual. We already feel like we know her so well. We all can hardly wait to meet her - we are giving you some time to adjust, but not too much time! Let me know if you need anything - and by the way, no need to thank Jim for the lawn - "somebody" else took care of it! Welcome Back! The Taxdahl's

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are back. Welcome to the best God has to offer in character development. Children are such a blessing.
We can't wait to meet Jia.
the Canfields